Moab/La Sal Region

Proposed Wilderness in the Moab/La Sal Region

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The proposed wilderness areas in the Moab and La Sal region are among the most celebrated and best-known wilderness areas in Utah. They include:

Dome Plateau: A pristine table of land that serves as backdrop to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, yawning toward its sheer and abrupt plunge into the Colorado River.

Behind The Rocks: A fortress of fins that stands over the town of Moab, guarding in its interior lush hanging valleys, countless arches, and ancient kivas.

Westwater Canyon: A river runner’s delight—where the Colorado River first enters Utah and slices through a Precambrian layer of black schist that won’t be seen again on the river’s path until the Inner Gorge of the Grand Canyon.

Fisher Towers: A russet monolith, listed as one of the 50 Classic Climbs in North America.

Hatch Wash: A perennial waterway where the walls reveal the entire Glen Canyon Group of rock formations—a spectrum of strata in rich reds, caramels, and creams.

Sinbad Valley: A pristine no-man’s land tucked beyond the La Sals—an imploded anticline buttressed by thousand-foot-high Wingate cliffs.

Every year, nearly a million visitors from around the state, country and the world come to Moab to explore and play against the backdrop of these spectacular wilderness units.

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