Grand Staircase-Escalante Region

Proposed Wilderness in the Grand Staircase -
Escalante Region

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Between the floor of the Grand Canyon and the rim of Bryce Canyon, the land rises 7,000 feet in a series of great cliffs and plateaus. This is the “Grand Staircase,” a masterpiece of geologic and biological innovation, a world where time itself lies suspended in horizontal and vertical planes. Its huge stairway spans six major life zones, from Lower Sonoran desert to Arctic-Alpine forest. Its colorful rock formations contain some four billion years of geologic history, and its fossils are a biography of life on Earth.

The Grand Staircase forms a nearly continuous wall winding 100 miles across southern Utah, from Zion National Park to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Yet only one section of the Staircase — the rugged canyon country of the Paria River basin — remains wild from top to bottom. Here lies our best opportunity to preserve, unaltered by man, a complete vertical cross-section of this remarkable landform

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