Dinosaur Region

Proposed Wilderness in the Dinosaur Region

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The area including and surrounding Dinosaur National Monument is the northernmost extent of the Colorado Plateau region. At Echo Park, inside the national monument, two of the great rivers of the West come together, the Green and the Yampa. The canyons of these rivers and a mile or two on either side are protected within the monument. Many tens of thousands of acres of equally spectacular uplands, plateaus, canyons, and mountains encircle Dinosaur and are administered by the BLM. These unprotected wild lands encompass critical viewsheds of the monument or the upstream segments of the monument’s watersheds.

The boundaries of Dinosaur National Monument were drawn to include only the primary features of the Green and Yampa River canyons. As a result, many of the spectacular vistas from the monument’s many scenic overlooks are outside of the monument, on unprotected BLM roadless lands. For example, the skyline to the north from the Harpers Corner and Echo Park overlooks is dominated by Wild Mountain, a proposed wilderness on the monument’s north boundary. The Park Service picnic area and scenic viewpoint at Plug Hat Rock, north of Dinosaur, Colorado, overlooks the Bull Canyon WSA. Beyond the Josie Morris Cabin at the end of the Cub Creek road, Daniels Canyon continues up onto the Yampa Plateau.
Approaching the northernmost end of the monument, at the Gates of Lodore, one confronts a rugged, dark mountain range that rises high above the Browns Park plain. These are the mountains of Diamond Breaks. They fill the western horizon from the Zenobia Peak lookout within the monument, and the low shield of Cold Springs Mountain rises to the north across Browns Park.

The BLM wild lands that ring the monument, blanketing every approach and filling every vista, are crucial to the experience of the visitors to Dinosaur. They create the wild context for Dinosaur and are magnificent wildernesses in their own right.

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